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GigEPRO, GigE Vision cameras, updated with 5 MP image sensors (Okt. 19, 2017)

NET has updated its camera portfolio with two new 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors for the GigEPRO camera line with camera-integrated image processing. Sony´s high-resolution IMX264 2/3" image sensors offer excellent signal quality and feature global shutter. The sensors are offered both as monochrome and color version.

New Deep Learning Add-on for automated image analysis (Okt. 11, 2017)

The new Deep Learning Add-on for Adaptive Vision Studio is a intuitive and reliable solution for machine vision problems otherwise hard or even impossible to solve with current solution approaches. It enables users to create machine vision applications without the requirement of programming. By using Deep Learning technology the software tool is trained with good and bad samples. Then it automatically classifies input images as accepted or rejected.

The prerequisite for typical applications are between 20 and 50 images for training, a state-of-the-art GPU for fast performance, and just a few minutes training time, resulting in very reliable inspection results.

To improve output, the Deep Learning Add-on is offered both with supervised and unsupervised mode. In the supervised mode, the user marks defects (pixels) with a drawing tool corresponding to defects on the training images. The tool then learns to distinguish good and bad features by looking for their key characteristics. It is recommended for inspecion tasks regarding textile, photovoltaics, food, and others. The unsupervised mode does not require a definition of defects in the first place, which can apply amongst others for package verification, or plastics and injection moulding.

Common characteristics of deep learning applications are deformable objects, variable orientation, and a vague specification with good and bad parts by customers. Learn more about how the Deep Learning Add-on for Adaptive Vision Studio can support your application.

Use case: Camera-integrated 3D vision for real-time web inspection (Okt. 10, 2017)

NET has developed a software platform for standard GigE Vision cameras that allows a significant reduction of data to be processed by the PC for real-time quality control. The solution provider can implement custom functions by means of NET´s “open camera concept”, and realize cost efficient real-time processing of big image data streams on the PC.

Learn more about camera-integrated vision for challenging real-time inspection in the textile cutting industry.

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NET announces second generation of high performance Smart Vision System Corsight for industrial vision (März 31, 2017)

NET New Electronic Technology introduces the second generation of the Smart Vision System Corsight featuring several innovative controls for most demanding decentralized real-time image processing tasks. The new Corsight models pack the excellent CMOS matrix and line scan sensors from the first series into a more powerful and more versatile stand-alone camera system.

Corsight´s new embedded Intel Quad Core CPU and a freely programmable FPGA enable customers to perform most challenging real-time applications as to their specific demand. Now, system integrators and machine builders can directly apply custom or standard algorithms to the GenTL/GenIcam compatible stand-alone system. The versatility in regard of available operating systems remains the same as Windows(TM) and Linux as well as drivers for virtually any popular image processing library, amongst others Open CV, Adaptive Vision Studio, Halcon/Merlic, MATLAB, are available for the new models. [...]

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Exclusive Partnership between NET Italia and VST Technology: Unique Machine Vision Solutions for Italy (März 20, 2017)

NET Italia S.r.l., the Italian presence of the German camera manufacturer NET New Electronic Technology and VS Technology, the renown Japanese manufacturer of lenses and lighting, signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of machine vision lenses and lighting in Italy.
The strengthened partnership is a result of a successful partnership for many years. In future, system integrators and machine builders profit from NET Italia as exclusive one stop supplier for machine vision offering in-depth advice on custom vision projects. The distribution agreement between camera manufacturer and vision component manufacturer facilitates customers to get [...]

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NET introduces new HD medical video recorder UR-4MD (Juni 30, 2016)

NET New Electronic Technology today announced the UR-4MD medical HD video recorder for easy and safe workflows in network environments. NET holds exclusive distribution of TEAC's UR-4MD recorder for Europe.

UR-4MD is promoted together with a full service package highlighted by a 5 years maintainance service and 24/7 product availability together with a special storage service.

UR-4MD features instant file sharing, while offering several ways to transfer and stream video sequences to PC and mobile devices. Security features like auto shut down and automatic backup minimize the risk of data loss.

The recorder's rich set of features enables medical staff to simply record images and hi-res videos due to automatic preset features as it offers automatic detection of video sources and video resolution.

White Paper: USB 3.0 & USB3 Vision for Industrial Vision (Feb. 15, 2016)

Since it was introduced on the market some 20 years ago, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface has established itself as the most commonly used standard for serial data transfer between computers and peripheral devices. In the USB 3.0 version, the interface can also be used without restriction for industrial image processing.

In this white paper, the most important features of the USB 3.0 interface technology from the user's point of view and its benefits for applications in industrial image processing are illustrated.

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New color & b/w line scan cameras available (Okt. 15, 2015)

The new CLISBee-S dual line, 3-CMOS and 4-line models join NET's broad portfolio of line scan cameras. The new models feature excellent color image sensors being especially suitable for most accurate print inspection applications. Learn more on the CLISBee-S product page.

Corsight - Smart Vision System (Russian article) (Okt. 05, 2015)

Russian article about CORSIGHT - smart vision system, source: Control Engineering РОССИЯ, #2 (56), 2015.

White Paper: Efficient image processing systems (Mai 05, 2015)

Today, the Industry 4.0 concept and the progressive decentralization of manufacturing processes demand increasingly intelligent image pre-processing right where the work is done. Where high-performance and cost-sensitive image inspection is concerned, there is always the question of how to strike an economic balance between the data-intensive image processing tasks to be performed by camera and the host PC.

Download the White Paper and discover new approaches to perform data-intensive image processing in real-time.

CORSIGHT features Smart Line Scan (Sep. 12, 2014)

The vision solution CORSIGHT featuring area scan image sensors has been expanded with line scan sensors for a 100% inspection of continously moving surfaces and materials. This leads not only to a more efficient hardware architecture but also to an effortless integration into existing or even unique customers' system environments due to CORSIGHT's full software flexibility.

3D Ready Converter enables 2D devices for 3D vision (Aug. 29, 2014)

NET's 3D Ready Converter is the easiest plug & play solution for high definition 3D vision.

HDselect - innovative multi-sensor HD camera (Juli 11, 2014)

NET has released HDselect featuring one versatile camera controller with compact HD camera modules for different applications. Find out more about the multi-sensor HD camera.

NET offers SynView - free powerful SDK & Explorer (Juli 11, 2014)

Learn more on the SynView product site.

Everything under control with Smart Vision (Mai 12, 2014)

The smart vision system, CORSIGHT, combines the features of a camera, a computer and an image processing system in a compact housing and is, as such, predestined for flexible use in the smallest of spaces. Read the white paper and learn more about how CORSIGHT can optimize production and logistics processes, monitor traffic flow, increase the safety of both machines and tunnels, and even control access to multi-storey car parks and toll roads.

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Roboter-assistierte minimal-invasive Chirurgie mit dem DaVinci System (Mai 04, 2012)

Der Operateur kann bei dem Da Vinci- System auf die Vorteile der konventionellen Laparoskopie zurückgreifen. Zusätzlich bietet diese Operationsmethode allgemein folgende Vorteile:

im Gegensatz zur konventionellen Laparoskopie hat der Operateur 3-dimensionale Sichtverhältnisse, wie bei der offenen Operation. Dies ermöglicht eine räumliche Wahrnehmung mit optimaler Sichtkontrolle und verbessert das operative Vorgehen

eine 10-fache Vergrößerung der einzelnen Strukturen ermöglicht eine präzise, millimeter- genaue Operation

die abwinkelbaren Instrumente mit 7 Freiheitsgraden, sind den Handgelenken eines Chirurgen nachgeahmt und ermöglichen eine vergleichbare Beweglichkeit zur offenen Operation. Dies ist ein wesentlicher Vorteil gegenüber der konventionellen Laparoskopie mit nur 3 Freiheitsgraden

mit Hilfe der modernsten Technik der Telemanipulator-Technologie kann die Handbewegung des Arztes skaliert, also gefiltert und verfeinert werden. Feine, bei jedem Menschen vorhandene Zitter- oder ruckartige Bewegungen werden ausgeglichen

die ergonomische Sitzhaltung des Operateurs ermöglicht eine entspannte und konzentrierte Operation

Kameralösungen für die Endoskopie / Mikroskopie (Mai 04, 2012)

NET GmbH bietet seit über 16 Jahren Kameralösungen für die Endoskopie an. Hierzu zählen 1-CCD, 3-CCD SD / HD und 1-Chip HD-CMOS Kameras als Kompaktbauweise oder mit abgesetztem Kamerakopf.

Da gerade bei flexiblen Endoskopen sehr kleine Kameraköpfe gefordert sind können hier Lösungen von 1/2" bis 1/10" CCD angeboten werden. Die verfügbaren Kameracontroller liefern eine Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten wie z.B. einen digitalen Ausgang, OSD, Weißabgleich, Remote-control Funktionen, automatische Kopferkennung sowie Kabellöngen bis 15m u.v.m..

Durch diese Optionen kann die Kamera an die jeweiligen Bedürfnisse kundenspezifisch angepasst werden.

Auch im Bereich von HD Lösungen (1920x1080 Pixeln) stehen 3-CCD und 1-Chip HD CMOS Kameras mit DVI und HD-SDI Interface für die Endoskopie und Mikroskopie zur Verfügung.

Für alle Kameras gibt es eine anwenderfreundliche Einstellsoftware von NET mit denen die Kameras voreingestellt werden können. Push-buttons, die mit dem Controller verknüpft sind, bieten dem Anwender die Möglichkeit, seine Kamera über Tasten zu bedienen. Diese Push-buttons können zudem vorkonfiguriert werden und ermöglichen damit z.B. die Einstellung der Shutter-Geschwindigkeit, Gain-Einstellung, um nur einige zu nennen.