Inspection in bottle filling lines

Application: Optical inspection in bottles and containers (crates) in beverage filling machines

  • label inspection (available, not available), position, plausibility, barcode, date recognition
  • fill level control of various containers
  • crate and bottle recognition and sorting of empties
  • pollution and damages of bottles and containers


Syscona Kontrollsysteme GmbH is a worldwide supplier to leading food and beverage companies. Production facilities and filling plants get equipped with latest technologies.

«The collaboration with NET on this project has been very professional and pleasant. We are happy to have found a competent partner.» Sascha Hoffmann, Head of R&D, Syscona

Solution approach

The machines for inspection are integrated into the filling process, so each bottle is processed without time delay. Faulty bottles must be recognized reliably and sorted out. For this, it is paramount to match the correct camera image with the corresponding bottle.


The GigEPRO cameras by NET enable continuous quality control. This is achieved by assignment of external measurements (bottle positioning) to the camera images taken of single bottles and the transmission of the data to the host PC in realtime on the basis of the Open Camera Concept by NET. Therefore Syscona could integrate their own real-time algorithms into the camera.


  • highest process reliability and speed enabling up to 100,000 bottles per hour
  • copy protection of IP cores in the camera´s FPGA
  • Syscona is enabled to fully put its attention on its core competencies
  • NET consulted Syscona on the succesful design of the vision solution which has been made possible with the Open Camera Concept in combination with GigEPRO cameras
  • Also in future NET can offer to Syscona suitable camera solutions