HDselect is a vision solution for medical endoscopy. The special feature enabling various endoscopy applications – flexible, rigid and single-use – to be controlled with a universal CCU offers major advantages to users. Regardless of what type of image sensor the camera control unit is combined with, the result is always excellent image quality in the output format 1920x1080p60. Thanks to the plug & play feature, the surgical assistant can quickly attach various endoscopes.

HDselect is BF-classified and, as a whole, meets the conditions for the approval of medical endoscopes. NET also offers the vision solution with a customized system design. Its compact shape allows HDselect to be easily integrated into the medical device. NET draws on its many years of expertise in the field to offer its customers support in integrating the solution quickly and safely.

NETs video IPs on the HDselect solution, enabling optimal visualization for diagnostics and therapy, are unique. They can be preset and activated as required. HDselect offers users new imaging possibilities for even better results.

Technical data

Camera type: Board level
Interface: USB 3
Image sensor: Matrix scan sensor
Picture playback: Color
Image sensor resolution [px]: 200 x 200
Format: 1/36"
Resolution: <VGA
Shutter: rolling
Frame rate [fps]: 60