GigEPRO stands for real-time image processing with the footprint of a compact GigE vision camera. By processing algorithms in the camera, the amount of transferred data can be considerably reduced. This means that applications are virtually unaffected by bandwidth restrictions. Vison solutions featuring camera-integrated image processing at sensor speed offer major advantages in terms of efficiency as opposed to conventional PC-based vision architectures. With GigEPRO, multi-camera systems that have already reached their technological or economic limits are now a tangible – and scalable – reality.

The ability to integrate their own algorithms means that customers are free to program their trusted vision know-how into the camera themselves. This is the idea behind the NET Open Camera Concept: the camera becomes a unique vision solution presenting new competitive advantages. Customers also benefit from IP core copy protection in the FPGA. The NET library, a collection of algorithms specially developed by NET for the purpose of enhancing and processing images, provides optimized image results for the application. The integrated image processing feature enables the camera to make its own decisions and directly control the peripherals.

Technical data

Camera type: Industrial housing
Interface: GigE Vision
Image sensor: Matrix scan sensor, Matrix scan sensor with line scan functionality
Picture playback: Monochrome
Image sensor resolution [px]: 752 x 480
Format: 1/3"
Resolution: WVGA
Shutter: global
Frame rate [fps]: 64