Independent decisions and actions in real-time are the core competencies of Corsight. The integrated smart vision solution comes with matrix and line scan image sensors, including high-speed image sensors for the fastest processes.

Users can freely combine the resources of the Intel Quad Core CPU and the FPGA for hardware acceleration. This means that machines can achieve the fastest cycle times with real-time image processing. Available potential is tapped to its full extent.

Corsight offers the NET Open Camera Concept for the customer-specific configuration of the software solution. The customer’s trusted vision expertise in the form of IP cores and image processing software can be easily integrated into Corsight. Drivers for various license-free, licensable and proprietary libraries are available. The NET library also contains innovative algorithms for image enhancement and optimization.

We also offer a wide range of interface options for integrating the IP67-certified smart vision solution. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to integrating and controlling Corsight: this can be by remote access via WLAN or Bluetooth, synchronization with other devices (PLC), as the host system of a multi-camera system for GigE vision cameras or, optionally, even as a GigE vision camera. Corsight opens up new possibilities for your application!

Technical data

Camera type: Smart camera
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
Image sensor: Line scan sensor
Picture playback: Monochrome
Image sensor resolution [px]: 4096
Line Scan Rate [kHz]: 18