NET presents new Smart Vision Systems iam and Corsight

NET expands its innovative and powerful smart vision systems portfolio by adding the new iam camera line and a new generation of the Corsight camera line. NET´s smart cameras support users to solve challenging real-time applications even more efficiently.

The new camera line iam sets new standards for vision-based self-sufficient decision-making and control processes. Its system architecture featuring CPU and FPGA on one chip allows for better, more efficient system performance. iam uses the available options for hardware acceleration on the system-on-chip design. Its additional FPGA resources enable high-performance neural networks and conventional algorithms to be used more efficiently for image processing.

iam: SoC architecture makes the Open Camera Concept easy to use

The refined Open Camera Concept offers users also without any FPGA expert knowledge to integrate own applications into NET’s smart vision systems. With iam, users with no VHDL expertise are enabled to use the FPGA resources for their own vision solutions for the first time. The combination of parallel and serial image processing means that they can solve their individual tasks more efficiently than ever before.

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Corsight: new potentials to control and actuate fastest processes

High-speed image sensor technology and a overall modernized system architecture process over 1000 images with a resolution of 1.3 megapixel per second. More image sensors are in the pipeline. Drivers for various license-free, licensable and proprietary libraries are available. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to integrating and controlling Corsight. We also offer a wide range of interface options for integrating the IP67-certified smart vision solution.

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NET´s brand core: Smart Vision Systems for individual application solutions

The ability to customize smart vision systems for individual application solutions is reflected by NET´s younique solutions branding. The Open Camera Concept allows you, as a solution provider, to integrate your own applications into NET’s smart vision systems. You can create and modify unique vision solutions yourself.

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