Tutorial: Machine Learning with iam

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Audio: German. Subtitles: English (turn on manually).

This smart vision tutorial walks you through the workflow of bringing Machine Learning to the iam smart vision system. With the hardware-acceleration function, iam is designed to perform challenging image processing functions in real-time on the edge. See the straightforward workflow of creating unique smart applications for yourself.
The video completes our three-part series of smart vision tutorials. Part 1 introduces iam to machine vision users, part 2 shows how to run your own vision application on iam.

00:00 Introduction to Machine Learning image processing applications
03:05 Basic Machine Learning applications: Classification, segmentation, object detection
05:40 Implementation of Machine Learning to iam
08:24 Network Development Flow
10:16 Required software environment
11:59 Application example: classification of fruits and vegetables
13:38 Network Training
22:41 Network Optimization and Transformation
32:30 Running Application on iam

iam online Manual: https://net-iam.atlassian.net/