younique solutions
with cameras from NET

Every application is unique. Your demands too. As a camera manufacturer we have specialized in that.

The core of younique solutions are cameras from NET. We offer a modern portfolio of compact cameras for industry and medicine. Often, they build the basis for individual camera solutions to our clients.

We are looking forward to consulting you!

Product News

NET expands its innovative and powerful smart vision systems portfolio by adding the new iam camera line and a new generation of the Corsight camera line. NET´s smart cameras support users to solve challenging real-time applications even more efficiently. The new camera line iam sets new standards for vision-based self-sufficient decision-making and control processes. Its […]

Our Product Highlights

flexibel, rigid and single-use –
all application with one camera controller

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integrated Smart Vision Solution
feat. area scan and line scan image sensors

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Real-time image processing for any bandwidth.

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Camera Categories

Corsight, Kamera für Smart Vision in der Industrie.
CORSIGHT | Smart Vision
GigePro Kamera für Machine Vision
GigEPRO | GigE Vision
3iCube Kamera für Machine Vision
3iCube | USB 3.0
iCube Kamera für Machine Vision
iCube | USB 2.0
iam | Smart Vision
IOflex | Dental
HDselect | Endoscopy

NET´s Video IP

We consciously influence images all along from sensor read-out to video-out. This way you get to see the very image, that allows you to make right decisions even in real-time. In addition, data management is improved too. This is due to the ease of integration into medical devices and existing system architectures of NET´s OEM vision solutions in comparison to many standard solutions.


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Open Camera Concept

Our key objective is to contribute to the individual success of our customers with vision solutions. We have developed the innovative Open Camera Concept® with this in mind. It allows users to program NET cameras themselves without any restrictions. Thanks to the ready-to-use development platform, you can arrive at your unique vision solution even quicker.


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Selection by technical demand


Body Float (BF)


Target-actual comparison
Uncontrollable processes
Fast and accurate
Examples of Best Practices:
Smart line scan solutions for continuous processes

Line scan sensors offer unique advantages over area scan sensors, when it comes to inspection of moving objects. We would like to give you an overview of applications suitable for smart line scan cameras, and give guidance how to make optimal use of smart image processing systems. Especially when inspecting continuous material, or moving objects...

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CNC-controlled alloy blocker

CNC-assisted automated solutions for the high-quality surfacing of optical lenses and glasses require the precise recognition of markings. Only with this can perfect alignment in the processing of plastic blocks be achieved. Satisloh, a global leader in machine manufacturing, trusts in NET’s compact USB 3.0 cameras combined with the right...

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On-camera 3D laser triangulation

The Austrian company digMAR GmbH, a supplier of customer-specific system solutions, has decided to purchase the high-precision 3D vision camera systems of TKH subsidiary NET GmbH for the carpet-cutting machines of its customer KURIS. The open camera concept allows customers to implement their own algorithms directly in the camera for...

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