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Uncontrollable processes

Characteristic of uncontrollable processes is the unpredictability of object properties or determining factors. Example: It is not always possible to determine in advance when and where a category A or B object will turn up during the manufacturing process. Camera solutions that can reliably cope with changing ambient conditions and achieve repeat accuracy are called for here.

Examples of uncontrollable processes

in image processing


When sorting recyclable materials, the clear and precise recognition of different types of plastic, deposit bottles and non-refundable empties is of equal importance – at maximum speed and even when the bottles or containers are dirty, misshapen or not completely empty. Only the ability to reliably differentiate between materials such as metal and plastic can ensure the process.


When it comes to sorting cereals, the ability to reliably spot even the smallest impurities at high speeds is crucial. This includes detecting fungal infestation in the smallest of grains – not only quickly, but also under difficult ambient conditions such as dust or vibration. Even different sorts of fruit and their stages of maturity can be reliably determined with the right vision solution.


Hardly anything comes in as many different shapes and sizes as vehicle license plates – especially in countries like the US. NET’s vision solutions are able to reliably detect all different types of license plates, even the clearly non-standard ones. Investigating traffic violations, i.e. analyzing the circumstances of an accident on the basis of the motorists’ driving behavior, is a complex topic. Camera technology can play a major role here when it comes to providing accurate information in spite of differing ambient parameters, such as time of day, temperature drops or precipitation.