Intra-oral camera solution

IOflex is an intra-oral camera solution for dental practices. It enables high-resolution videos and images in full HD to be transmitted directly to the computer via a USB 3.0 interface. This means that dentists can continue to use their existing dental software to its full extent. Above all, it is incredibly easy to integrate the camera solution into software environments. Smooth video streaming is guaranteed even with a USB 2.0 PC interface.

The continuous autofocus can always be relied on to provide clear images without the need for any manual adjustment – from macro visual ranges to full-face images. The practice workflow is also supported by a driverless interface (UVC). The full range of features and the compatibility of IOflex with the different operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) make dentists’ work easier.

Additional diagnostic features help increase confidence when it comes to making decisions. For example, NET offers fluorescence and x-ray modes as well as IR illumination with automatic light adjustment for IOflex.

Thanks to its compact form, IOflex can be easily integrated into slim housings. This makes it easier to use and more comfortable for the patient.

IOflex – Intra-oral camera solution

Simple integration into the work environment

IOflex can be quickly and simply integrated into a wide range of work environments. IOflex can be recognized by the dental software and is able to stream images without having to install a driver. Preconfigured features can be adjusted directly in the camera. IOflex is compatible with all standard operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.


IOflex can be configured to meet individual customer requirements. The design of the flexible sensor head follows the shape of the medical device and offers valuable support to manufacturers in product development. It encourages an ergonomic work technique as settings can be adjusted directly on the handle. NET also offers IOflex with customized lighting management.

Wide range of features for best image quality

High-performance algorithms and additional features make IOflex the ideal vision solution for satisfying the highest imaging demands. Natural colors, minimal optical distortions, noise reduction, contrast and edge enhancement, color space expansion, modes for special lighting situations and even more optional features help IOflex to provide the best image quality for individual requirements.

IOflex - Models and technical data

ModelSensor typeResolution [px]SizeShutter
IOflex Color 1920 x 1080 / Full HD 1/2.8" R more
Legend: R: rolling / G: global / GR: global reset / RGR: rolling mit global reset / GRGR: global; rolling; global reset


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