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Fast & accurate

The individual, precise design of the vision solution is necessary to ensure fast and accurate detection and image evaluation in quality management. Additionally, the reproducibility of processes, i.e. the stability of the testing process independent of the location, must be guaranteed. Here, optimized algorithms in particular can help to further increase process speeds.

Examples for fast & accurate
in image processing


In sorting and packaging systems, the quality of the products is tested by means of food classification. Even where individual items, such as impure grains of rice or bruised fruit, have to be sorted at high speeds, all image processing components must be perfectly coordinated and integrated into the application environment. Only then can fast and accurate results for the required specifications be achieved.

Measuring machines

The measuring of indexable inserts – carried out more and more also in 3D – can only succeed with the proper lighting, precision lenses and accurately operating highly-sensitive cameras. Efficient interaction between all vision components is necessary for maintaining the required tolerance levels in the micrometer range for CNC machines.


AOI machines test components after assembly as quickly as the camera is able to detect their correct arrangement. NET camera solutions are suitable for inline application for particularly high speeds during which even solder paste and 3D components can be reliably detected. NET uses laser triangulation or the moiré technique to carry out accurate 3D measuring.