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Decentralized solutions

The job of decentralized vision solutions is to make on-the-spot decisions on the basis of available image information in order to be able to directly control or influence actions. NET makes it possible for users to create individual solutions. The advantage of flexible and open vision architecture is its uniqueness: The camera becomes part of the provider-specific application solution. Decentralized solutions can be designed as all-in-one systems or embedded vision systems.

Examples of decentralized solutions
in image processing

Access control

State-of-the-art camera solutions that also enable uncomplicated access control are required for the accurate measurement of visitor flows in the retail industry. Combined with biometric locks, this presents a range of new possibilities. To ensure the safety of employees in the vicinity of robot applications and to detect any obstructions within the robots’ operating radius in time, the shortest reaction times are necessary so that errors can be prevented.

AI machine-learning

In areas where the reliable detection of unknown und unpredictable defects on surfaces and in fabrics is necessary, artificial intelligence is steadily gaining in importance. Regardless of whether web material, metallic surfaces or packaging, zero-error tolerance applies in all cases. This degree of precision creates the ideal conditions for predictive maintenance concepts of the future.

Pick and Place

You need a versatile, fast and robust solution? The answer: Robot guidance. A sensor is fixed to a robotic hand and copies its movements – even at high speeds. Your products on the conveyor belt can be reliably detected and picked at lightning speed by a delta robot. Our cameras also allow for an extremely high level of variability in the control of autonomous transport systems.