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In many places, cameras and vision solutions are standard in the retail industry. Firmly established in the meantime as integral parts of automated scanning and payment solutions for the point of sale (POS) or check-out/cash register systems, cameras cover a wide range of areas. Classic examples are reverse vending machines, fruit and vegetable scanners with integrated scales and, last but not least, intralogistics.

Areas of application

Cash register systems/automatic code-reading

Compared to conventional staff-intensive cash register systems, automated check-out systems at the point of sale benefit from faster and easier processes. These free up more check-out staff for the shop floor to help improve your shopping experience. This requires a smooth efficient process. NET offers OEM multi-camera solutions for 360 degree code-reading in so-called tunnel systems. The smart vision solution communicates directly with the payment system.

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Classification of fruit and vegetables

The recognition of fruit and vegetables is a comparatively time-consuming process that can be performed much more efficiently. Specifically for the recognition of a number of different types, NET offers a smart all-in-one vision solution that uses machine learning. The solution can be taught to recognize individual fruits and vegetables centrally, thus optimizing the recognition rate. The learning results are then distributed to all sales outlets via the retailer’s Intranet. The solution is ready for use.

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Reverse vending machines

Reverse vending machines place high demands on the software required for the recognition of bottles, cans and crates with different characteristics. NET’S vision solutions include small compact standard cameras for PC-based systems and smart vision solutions, which immediately categorize the various types of container and match them with the database – while they’re being put into the machine. 3D crate measurement and logo detection ensure that the items are not rejected.

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