The right illumination for your application solution

As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we pay particular attention to the oft-neglected subject of lighting! Benefit from our experience – we can offer you the best combination from our wide range of cameras, lenses and lighting options, and provide you with samples. NET offers high-quality lighting in various designs and ambient conditions for industrial image processing with area and line scan cameras.
You can find the following product overview either using our ‘find an illumination’ function or directly in the ‘illumination’ section of our website. We would be happy to help you if you need advice.

Examples of Best Practices:
Smart line scan solutions for continuous processes

Line scan sensors offer unique advantages over area scan sensors, when it comes to inspection of moving objects. We would like to give you an overview of applications suitable for smart line scan cameras, and give guidance how to make optimal use of smart image processing systems. Especially when inspecting continuous material, or moving objects...

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CNC-controlled alloy-free blocker

CNC-assisted automated solutions for the high-quality surfacing of optical lenses and glasses require the precise recognition of markings. Only with this can perfect alignment in the processing of plastic blocks be achieved. Satisloh, a global leader in machine manufacturing, trusts in NET’s compact USB 3.0 cameras combined with the right...

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On-camera 3D laser triangulation

The Austrian company digMAR GmbH, a supplier of customer-specific system solutions, has decided to purchase the high-precision 3D vision camera systems of TKH subsidiary NET GmbH for the carpet-cutting machines of its customer KURIS. The open camera concept allows customers to implement their own algorithms directly in the camera for...

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