Body float (BF)

The safety and health of the patient is NET’s top priority. That’s why our vision solutions naturally meet the guidelines for patient safety as well. We achieve this goal not only with application-specific properties. In compliance with medical standards in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), we guarantee that the part of the camera in direct contact with the patient can be set up fully isolated, thus meeting the requirements for BF classification in the field of endoscopy.
Galvanic isolation on the camera controller, a technique developed by NET, allows endoscope manufacturers a certain amount of freedom in designing the sensor head. This means that they no longer have to take purely structural measures to ensure compliance with the standards for patient leakage currents. NET provides manufacturers of medical equipment with vision solutions that, as a whole, make it easier to obtain medical certification. This approach makes it possible to apply more cost-efficient and state-of-the-art electronics.