IOflex is an intra-oral camera solution for dental applications. With IOflex, videos and images are recorded and captured in full HD. The innovative feature enabling image enhancement directly in the camera’s FPGA ensures excellent image reproduction and smooth video streaming. This means that even high-resolution videos can be transmitted to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface.

The continuous autofocus provides consistently clear images with zero latency and without the need for any manual adjustment. The NET IP core features make IOflex a high-precision tool for all requirements from macro visual ranges to full face images.

With IOflex, dentists can continue to use their existing dental software. The driverless UVC interface makes it incredibly easy to integrate the camera solution into various different software environments. A full range of features and full system compatibility under Windows, Mac and Linux make it much easier for medical professionals to do their work.

NET can also configure IOflex to meet individual customer requirements. The design of the flexible sensor head follows the shape of the medical device and offers valuable support to manufacturers in terms of product development. Special diagnostic features help increase confidence when it comes to making decisions. The result is a device that is easier to use and more comfortable for the patient.

Technical data

Camera type: Board level
Interface: USB 2
Image sensor: Matrix scan sensor
Picture playback: Color
Image sensor resolution [px]: 1920 x 1080
Format: 1/2.8"
Resolution: Full HD
Shutter: rolling
Frame rate [fps]: 30