iam sets new standards for vision-based self-sufficient decision-making and control processes. The system architecture featuring CPU and FPGA on one chip allows for better, more efficient system performance. iam uses the available options for hardware acceleration on the system-on-chip design. Its additional FPGA resources enable high-performance neural networks and conventional algorithms to be used more efficiently for image processing.

The refined Open Camera Concept offers users unique benefits. iam also enables users with no VHDL expertise to use the FPGA resources for their own vision solutions. They can also use commercial libraries, OpenCV or NET functions.


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Technical data

Camera type: Smart camera
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
Image sensor: Onsemi AR0521
Picture playback: Monochrome NIR
Image sensor resolution [px]: 2592 x 1944
Format: 1/2.5"
Shutter: rolling
Pixel size [µm]: 2.2
Frame rate [fps]: 67